My Name is Matthew Wood. I was born and raised in Naples, Florida. I grew up by the beach and spent most of my childhood playing with the neighborhood kids, fishing, hunting, riding bikes and playing football. I  went through the Collier County Public School System, and graduated from Naples High in 2006. After high school I was in a horrible motorcycle accident that required several days in the hospital, a skin graft, surgery on my ankle that had been broken,  and I suffered from a traumatic brain injury. It took about a year to recover, but soon after I attended WyoTech In Blairsville, PA where I graduated from the Diesel Mechanic & Streetrod Fabrication Program. My love of engines and my natural ability to tinker with things and engineer solutions thrived in this environment. For the next few years I spent my early adulthood learning lessons and pushing to improve myself however possible.

There were so many residents in the area, how could they just leave it this way? There are countless dirt roads, limited if any street lights, no sidewalks, no safe bus stops for the kids in the mornings, no high speed internet, no cable, the closest grocery store is a 10 minute drive, gas station is an 8 minute drive. Schools are 15-30 minute drive, daycare for the girls was 35 minutes away! How could it be THIS rural just 25 minutes outside of the fastest growing area in the state let alone the top 20 fastest growing place in the country?! These were the fleeting thoughts that passed through my mind as I continued to put food on the table for my family the last 6 years living in District 5. Driving to work every morning on an under-serviced, under-sized road with my 24 foot trailer, being nearly ran off by speeding semis, all while small children sat just a few feet away in the street, dirt, or grass waiting for the bus. In August of 2020 - we finally got our road paved !!! A full 4+ years after moving to Lehigh Acres, and 14 years after this house was built, we finally got a road!

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When I got word of this seat being in my district,

 I felt COMPELLED to throw my hat in the ring.

I know that I’m not your average type of candidate.  I may not have the fancy degrees or the million dollar bank account like my opponents. To me, none of that matters when you only have the best interest of the community at heart.

I am a true grassroots candidate. I will not be bought off. I will always keep working families like my own at the top of my responsibilities as Commissioner of District 5. I will always protect our water and our environment because that’s what I care about- Lee County & the hardworking people who live here.

I would be honored to take care of the community I love so much.

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In September of 2013 my wife Jessi and I welcomed our first child Adelina, and in 2017 we welcomed Eloise into the world. In 2014 we started our exterior cleaning company Powerwash Pros. LLC. For the last 8 years I have learned how to navigate a micro business  in an ever changing environment.  In 2016 I purchased my first home in Lehigh Acres, FL and this is where my passion started to grow. After living in Naples all my life, Lehigh felt different. It was well priced and I liked the privacy it offered.  I love the solitude of the beautiful woods and the Florida bush, but I couldn’t understand why this area had been so neglected.  Over the years I truly figured there was no way it would stay this way forever!