24.7% of Entire

Lee County


21.2% of

Lee County


24.8% of D5

Population is


Approx. Population: 187,880

Local Residents

Median Age: 37 years

Childcare Facilities : 21

Super Markets: 6

Grocery Stores: 8

Parks: 14

Pharmacies: 15

Libraries: 1


-A Third Party Audit:

First order of business will be to investigate exactly where all the money is coming from and where it is going. Money from our tax dollars should be, at least in part, flowing back to the infrastructure of our communities.


As SWFL becomes one of the fastest growing areas in the country, District 5 is growing too and its not going to stop anytime soon. We need sidewalks, bus stops for our kids, we need proper lighting, proper drainage, we need roads to handle the influx of working families moving here in an attempt to escape the inflated housing market of SWFL. These are basic things that as citizens we deserve, and frankly already pay for with taxes. We just need to direct those funds into the community and build up our working families in District 5.

-Housing Crisis:

As Commissioner I would introduce laws to close tax-loopholes for out of state, multi-billion dollar developers who want to build unnecessary communities that are outside of the financial reach of the current residents of SWFL. These types of communities do not help the local economy. They inflate prices and strain the already weak infrastructure. The ratio of affordable housing for the blue-collar citizens, the citizens that are the engine of the Gulfcoast, are tiny in comparison to the massive wave of luxury housing being built. This is not only exclusionary but dangerous to the very workings of our local community.


According to the USDA a food desert is “a low-income area where a meaningful number  of residents do not have easy access to a supermarket or large grocery store.” It goes on to say that this means not having a supermarket within one mile of your home in a highly populated area. The majority of District 5 is a Food Desert! This can also be said for childcare facilities, gas stations, drug stores, parks and recreation, etc. Through zoning, the Commissioners office can influence the types of businesses that come to District 5, and where they go. Every single time that we have to leave our district for things we need, we take money out of District 5’s pocket. When I’m Commissioner, I will work to ensure that our hard earned dollars can be kept right here, where they are needed in District 5.

-Respect our Environment:

For those of us who were blessed to grow up on this beautiful land, we know the critical part that the wetlands and swamps play in the balance of our ecosystem, acting like a sponge. Corporate, out of state developers do not come here with the same respect or knowledge of the land when they fill in wetlands in order to make a quick buck. Usually they will claim they are “preserving” some areas within their parcels, however, its not enough. As many residents know, Hurricane Irma brought intense flooding to SWFL, this was something that I have never seen in my 33 years here. This level of flooding is evidence that they are not providing enough excess waterways (ie. canals, drainage systems, etc.) to offset the influx of runoff, nor are they building in the best interests of the current residents. The commissioner's office can help by limiting the zoning for these new developments, as well as investing more into the waterway infrastructure of SWFL.

The hardworking people of this community have been through enough, and as one of you I would be honored to stand up and fight for the rights of our people. We are playing a long game here, but it is my hope that you will believe in me and give me the chance to do my part. I want to help you build the kind of community that my daughters and you all deserve.

My campaign runs on small dollar donations. $5, $10, $50, however the max donation is $1000 - anything will help so I can really make a difference here in District 5 and all of SWFL.

If you are tired of the way the District 5 is treated please donate and vote for me on November 8th 2022

We need a new kind of public servant in SWFL. Someone who knows the landscape, knows the people, and knows what the community needs to succeed.




Housing Crisis



Third Party Audit



Currently, the Lee County Commissioners do not seem to have the working families at the forefront of their agenda. When elected Commissioner, I would be the voice for blue collar, hardworking people in District 5 and all of Lee County. We are the LIFEBLOOD of the Gulf Coast. We deserve a life where we can all benefit from our growing Florida economy. Our tax dollars should be spent on bettering the lives of the people in communities right here in District 5.

15.7% of

Lee County


Quick Food Mart or Small Grocery Store where not all necessities can be purchased

As commissioner, I will stand up for the strong and resilient, working people of SWFL. These will be my first areas of focus: